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European Central Bank launching its allegedly Ripple powered instant payment service next month


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TIPS will operate on a full cost-recovery and not-for-profit basis. The Eurosystem will offer the service at a price of no more than 0.20 eurocent (€0.002) per instant payment transaction for at least the first two years of operation. The entry and the account maintenance fees will be set at zero.

That is interesting, 0.0023 USD is the maximum price for any transaction.

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without knowing the technical details (or what I'm looking at if I got them) I will remain very sceptical this will be ripple or XRP powered as the UK already does instant payments. I know I know this isn't cross border payments, but equally Europe is very little of that from a currency point of view. We'll see but as I say this is not one I'm basing my investment on.....

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