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Hype? Maybe. Take this with a grain of salt.

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Guys, I don't care if you believe me or not but as a good person, i need to reveal this info. I just got off the phone with my Cat, and my cat told me meowwww. Xrp will be adopted by swift, cat has al

I stopped watching Alex Cobb’s videos and unsubbed when I saw he was becoming a bit of a BG123 loon.   Another person I just recently unsubbed to is Tony’s ThinkingCrypto channel. Seriously,

What bothers me with some of this predictions is they contain conspiracy nutjob material such as: Knights Templar, Rothschild, New World order, end of times/dollar and so on. I will give merit to any

50 minutes ago, TokenBaby said:

This guy is desperately self important. And just as bad as the you tubers who crank out a 20 minute video every day piecing together random stories with plenty of ifs and maybes. Nice but gets old fast. I hope he is right and I am wrong.


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6 minutes ago, automatic said:

Amen brother.

I mean most people would say something like this is an endgame for XRP they just laugh when it’s suggested it’ll happen so fast. I honestly don’t care either way because I believe the demand for XRP is gonna skyrocket and I can’t predict the specifics of how it’s going to happen so long as it does happen.

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