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Ant Financial to use XRP/xRapid for micro loans?

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2 hours ago, KarmaCoverage said:

This probably does not apply, but I wrote about "How xPool" could be a micro-loan service, with the micro loans supplying the liquidity for streaming payments. 

This quote is from the bottom of... https://xrpcommunity.blog/untitled-4/

love you stuff as always KC -- i've been pondering a lot lately about ILP packets and "streaming" money services to enable large payments

while currently you could not pragmatically send say, $1m in and out of xrp, without moving the market unfavourably, one could imagine streaming the payment in many chunks or even millions or billions of tiny packets, thereby -- perhaps, i thought -- strengthening the market in the meantime (especially if there was another "stream" going the opposite direction)

now let's say this took 24 hrs -- one might say, well that's only a bit faster than a traditional method... not exactly, because you get SOME money instantly, and the rest follows... then you also get, ideally, the certainty if delivery and transparency, not to mention the other benefits ripplenet/xrapid can bring

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