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Ant Financial to use XRP/xRapid for micro loans?

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This is actually a photograph of SWIFTs GPI service touching down after transferring value across the Atlantic.  

The original Tweet

I couldn't find confirmation that they will use XRP or specifically ripple for that matter. What is exciting is that Ant Financial is an arm of Alipay, which means China.At the same time Alipay has apparently its own blockchain. That said I hope that they will use XRP. I guess I am a downer and will wait for official announcements. If I am wrong please correct me immediately.

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12 minutes ago, panmores said:

I remember some tweets or info bit from Ant Financial or Alipay explicitly stating that they developed their own product and are not using Ripple.

Doesn’t this tweet pretty much hint at it:

I meant to also include this one from Standard Chartered that I believe others above were referencing:


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10 minutes ago, Ryyy20 said:

Doesn’t this tweet pretty much hint at it:


It confirms that Dilip Rao says that a fintech is helping banks to reduce micro loan approvals from 2 days to 10 seconds.

Nothing more.

Said during Sibos, to tell these dinosaur heads that DLT can actually work.

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This probably does not apply, but I wrote about "How xPool" could be a micro-loan service, with the micro loans supplying the liquidity for streaming payments. 

This quote is from the bottom of... https://xrpcommunity.blog/untitled-4/



The xPool could use the same math Crowdfunding Loan platforms use just like Prosper the crowdfunding platform where Larson was previously Founder, when xPool is calculating the borrower’s interest rate (the sender’s interest rate fee in this case).

The weighted average method could be used, to look at all the possible paths end-to-end, and preform a minimization stack ranking.

This would enable the xPool service to be “smart”, and when it is beneficial, xPool could automatically split a payment into many paths (check the math example below, this is simple arithmetic) to achieve fully funding the payment across multiple paths at the cheapest cost to the Corp xVia sender.



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