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Connection with Viamerices head


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Quote from article “Viamericas have come to the conclusion that XRP is in fact, a utility. so, as a utility, it doesn’t meet all the conditions by Howey Test. instead, it affirms itself perfectly on previous comments made Michael Diduik. 

Diduik is a former employee of the SEC and in the past, he has stated that XRP isn’t a security and instead it is a currency. In an interview, he justified his thoughts by saying:

“I don’t think XRP is a security, I think XRP is a currency. The reason why is […] Howey test… It’s a 4-factor test – Investment of money in a common enterprise with the expectation of profits based on the efforts of others”.

Considering the above we can now maybe  end the poor discussion on XRP being a ‘share in Ripple the company’ or a security in general. If a highly (SEC) connected company like Viamericas ‘jumps in the game’ then you better beleive it’s ‘playtime’.

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