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Gatehub XRP Wallet " Watch Only Disabled "


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Hello guys


I have posted before and ive been doing my best to get this resolved with Gatehub after about a year i get this email today.


Dear -----------------,

Thank you for your patience. The support group at GateHub Ltd. undertook a full investigation
of what is referred to as the “watch-only” issue, and provided our understanding of the matter in
a support article posted on our website.

In a nutshell, the technical problem is as follows:
A bug in WebKit used by Safari 10.1 caused problems in multiple libraries used in ripple-lib
(bignumber.js, etc...) which were responsible for the generation of mismatching key-pairs. A
matching secret key is needed to sign any transaction by the wallet.

We have not identified this issue in any other browser. Preemptive detection of the “watch-only”
issue is not possible as such wallets can receive funds, but cannot execute any other actions.

GateHub has made certain recommendations to our customers who hold XRP on the native
Ripple ledger (as distinct from our hosted wallets) and understands your frustration. However,
Gatehub Ltd. has determined that it is in no way responsible for providing a technical solution,
nor for any losses associated with it.

We request your understanding for any delays in responding to you earlier and wish you success
in resolving any remaining problems you may have.

Kind regards,

GateHub Support Service


If anyone could help me figure this out. I will kindly reward 5,000 XRP for their services. It is vital i get these XRP of Gatehub. I feel like they are lying or trying for us to give up on THOUSANDS of XRP

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