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Gatehub USD Withdrawal Not Working???


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Is anyone else experiencing trouble withdrawing $USD (International bank wire transfer)??

I've been getting this Error message when I try to submit the payment:



Path could not send full amount.


Help, anybody...


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40 minutes ago, Hero_Member said:

That is normally the error for a payment from an account that does not have enough balance. Could you post the hash?

There is a sufficiently Big balance (i.e. XRPs) in the account!


Is it a software/coding error on the Gatehub platform in this case then??

Thanks in advance

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This error may have appeared due to unfavorable conversion rate. It most often occurs when trying to send a payment in a currency you presently do not own. Note that Ripple network provides the possibility to make intermediary conversions in order to convert between two currencies. One or more steps in this conversion may have been unfavorable for the sender.

You can try and exchange your funds manually and then send the desired payment.

Have a nice day :)


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