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Ripple Network Moves $50 Million in XRP in 2 Seconds for Just $0.30

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Moving money around the world is a very expensive venture. There are ways of doing it cheaper compared to traditional solutions, however. Arrington XRP Capital founder Michael Arrington is a big fan of Ripple’s XRP in this regard. The company recently moved $50 million worth of the cryptocurrency at the cost of $0.30, An impressive feat that further confirms that this asset can make a big difference.

The Future Looks Bright for XRP

Source : https://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripple-network-moves-50-million-in-xrp-in-2-seconds-for-just-0-30/

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57 minutes ago, iLeeT said:

What's even funnier is that 0.30$ is way over-priced - I'm pretty sure they would've been able to move those millions for under a penny.

I'm sure we would like to pay 0.30 every time 50 million is moved in 2 seconds.

They can charge me for  the cost worth 5 Billion dollars of transactions tomorrow. More than happy to pay them 30 bucks! Who´s in for the day after tomorrow? If we line up for 30 bucks with members of XRP chat willing to pay till EOY: 589+  confirmed!

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