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This thread will be focused on the greatest articles from the XRP Community Blog.

I'll start with great articles from Hodor, Klayt Morfoot & KarmaCoverage and will list more in the near future. :) 

(Note that I'm too scared to tag them as of now, since the topics aren't furnished enough to match their greatness) 

(Second note: you should consider tipping them for their outstanding articles) 


XRP : The Basics (Hodor, September 2018) 

I would recommend this one to all newcomers or basically everyone willing to refresh his/her memory. It covers the very nature of XRP and its differences with Bitcoin as well as the main features of the XRP Ledger and the many aspects of decentralization. 


The Interledger Protocol: A Bigger Pie for Everybody (Hodor, July 2017)

" Bitcoin currently has the market share… but how long before customers realize that they can own and use any coin with their bank account? " 


A Complex Adaptive Global Financial System (KarmaCoverage, September 2018) 

There isn't an easy and small description for this one. It certainly is one of the most advanced articles I have read about XRP and its ecosystem. 


Internet of Value Timeline (Klayt Morfoot, June 2018) 

" I've wanted a one-stop-shop for Ripple/XRP announcements and developments, so I put together a website for it. " 

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