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Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?


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On 23-1-2017 at 7:54 PM, tulo said:

Any modification to run on ARM?

If it was an easy setup I'll do that.

I really like the trend of the community setting up more validators and running my own validator is definately on my list, both as a nice tech exercise as to help out making the xrpl even more decentralised. What I'm still trying to find out if it is really necessary or of benefit for the network (as Ripple has a program for it for 2018 to get solid and trusted external parties to take part anyway). 

If it is benefitial for the network, we should definately do so, and especially spread them as much as possible (different countries, hosters, etc.) to make it even more robust towards attacks.

And I'm still looking what it could bring me (not financial(!), just some cool geek stuff what I could do with it like a nice interface showing the amount of transactions that I helped to validate, ..?).



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11 hours ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

I'm pretty sure @nikb said on Twitter that the Pi 3 is too underpowered to run a validator. Maybe it could run a non-validating node?

There's no difference between a validating and a non-validating node other than that the non-validating one doesn't tell others what it thinks the next ledger would look like.

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