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Ripple Presentation Prepared for Fides

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Trying to figure out what Fides was about :

"Fides provides the world’s largest global bank connectivity network, spanning 170 countries. Our reach ensures that clients can communicate with 100% of their banks using the channel and format of their choice. We have a long history of customer satisfaction: founded in 1910, Fides has been serving customers for more than 100 years.

Fides helps 3,000+ active clients communicate with 10,000+ banks globally."

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9 hours ago, XRP-JAG said:

So who is good at Geography? ?

We've got...

- Mexico
- Brazil
- Chile
- Sweden? Logo touches Sweden, Norway & Finland
- Saudi Arabia? Logo is not over it completely, maybe Israel. Assuming not Syria or Iraq here!
- Ukraine
- Japan
- Malaysia? Could be Thailand
- An African central state... Uganda would seem most likely given current news.

Connect the dots people! ?

These must be considered as currency zones, not countries:

XAF means Central African Franc, and is used by 6 countries: Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Cameroon
Sweden does not use the Euro, so it needs it's own corridors
Thailand was already confirmed as used case for the multi-hop feature


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11 hours ago, Xrpforme said:

I hope this is AMEX near future state and not in production. If so, it seems that Ripple will need numerous big ticket players to get the volume required to source major liquidity. 

We can’t be sure that when customers go live that they are jumping in with 2 feet. It’s possible they may only start with a certain percentage of payments or payments under a certain amount to begin with.

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1 minute ago, Tehol_Beddict said:

“In addition to the justice department, American Express said it had received inquiries from the Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations and other authorities it did not name. The FXIP unit offers “cross-border payments services primarily to small and middle market business customers in five countries, including the United States,” according to the filing.”

... Well this is also related to SME cross-border Payments... and had received inquiries from the department of justice, Federal Reserve, OCC, bureau of consumer financial protection, FDIC and other authorities not named.

I’d guess this is unusual... federal agencies moving quickly and in unison... gosh darn it

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