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Mojaloop, ILP & Coil


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44 minutes ago, LordVetinari said:

And perhaps not using xrp. Oh well. 

Miller Abel is Deputy Director and Principal Technologist at the Gates Foundations. He works alongside Kosta Peric who is the Managing Director of the M&B Gates Foundation Level One Project: 

Ethan expounded on the fact that he and others at Coil are assisting (i.e. engineering resources)  with the further development of the Mojaloop platform and that it is not utilizing XRP currently. Mojaloop's sole purpose, at the moment, is to help connect the many disparate FIs/banks and increase financial inclusion for many in Africa. At the heart of Mojaloop lies ILP the same tech that underpins RippleNet. In many ways, you can think of Mojaloop as the preface that allows African FIs and banks easy integration with RippleNet if they choose. This is more of a long-term strategy for Ripple to enter African markets.


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