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Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

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21 minutes ago, YngwieJ said:

Seems to me the problem with this is that you need to leave your precious zerps on Uphold to qualify. Anyone feel comfortable doing that?


From what I know assets held on uphold are insured. So it doesn't sound bad to me. Although I don't know if there is a limit that they insure up to?

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All I know is that my money market account pays 1.75%.  If I can get a 5% yield on my XRP that's pretty exciting.

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1 hour ago, TokenBaby said:

 launched a series of announcements today! Including the ability to earn yield on XRP.

 to get on the waiting-list and learn more about the new $500k giveaway of UPUSD stablecoins.

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