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Uphold's Live Announcement


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3 minutes ago, silly_ann said:

Another Stablecoin. Yay.

With 2-5% interest. That's like...Tether on steroids

I don’t get stablecoins, as you need a central party to keep it stable, and with that it is just digital fiat like any bankaccount is at this moment. I get it was a smart business model for tether at the time yet central exchanges or other parties having their own stablecoin might just as well be, as you appearantly trust them anyway, a regular record in their database. 

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How to loose total credibility...pump "the announcement" of the year...have a ****** production team record and stream the thing...have nothing to say even though we can't hear you....

This company is on the blacklist for any further announcement lol

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24 minutes ago, xrp-pat said:

That's got interledger Protocol written all over it. 

But no actual mention of it.

But Greg Kidd is on the advisory board, and Arrington XRP Capital is an investor.

Ehm.. I’m still digesting but I see the exact opposite

Convenience & Security

By building foundational architecture for interoperability, the Universal Protocol Platform will allow users to interact with multiple cryptocurrencies (and an abundance of other assets) on a single blockchain. UPP combines proven technologies – smart contracts and reserve functionality – with genuine innovation: highly secure & convertible Proxy Token

I read this as their ambition of ‘one chain / erc-20 based coin to pipe all interoperability’. That’s not going to work; the strength of Interledger Protocol is that it is coin (and even ledger) agnostic and with that p2p scalable which 1 interoperability chain is not.

Great that the call for interoperability is growing though, but ILP is still the way forward.

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