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R3 Director and Head of Labs SF talks about why we need Interledger

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Wow, really thorough article. Thanks for sharing – great read, most gloss over details like this. The financial system is bloody complex! Way more than most people realise. They just think it's "derp-derp print money derp", "banks evil derp".

So I admittedly lol'd at the dig at conspiracy theorists (libertarians?!) re: fractional reserve.

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2 minutes ago, MrX said:

Intentional? But what if they have chosen Stellar instead? (yes, I'm paranoid)

Yeah I noticed this – I thought it's because of the way the validator nodes work in Stellar vs Ripple? Or maybe some legal reason as to why Stellar could fulfill the role and Ripple (as a private entity for example) could not.

But I'm not sure.

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