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Timing of Partner/xRapid Announcements

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We already know the anatomy of whales in the markets and it seems they operate on a level that retail investors can’t game much beyond holding.

But I do wonder what types strategies Ripple’s corporate partners will utilize in their partnership/xRapid announcements?

Keeping in mind corporations act in the best interests of their shareholders; my guess is that as soon as we see the next bull run, companies will time their announcements to accelerate and catalyze the momentum upwards.

It’s quite logical, really. These firms have to announce sometime *eventually*, right? So they’re going to try and time it for the best effect as well—and unsurprisingly, the biggest $dollar return on the x% increase from this announcement is when the price is already high.

I started this post to see if anyone else has any input on this cross-section of corporate behavior and non-traditional, nascent markets. Maybe someone with inside knowledge on how timing decisions are made could shed some light here.


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12 hours ago, T8Bacon3 said:

It's an interesting thought. Are you referring to those who are invested in Ripple the company (e.g. Santander, Google, SBI, etc...) or simply adopters of the xRapid technology?

I’m referring to adopters of xRapid. I’m assuming if they hold XRP theyll time it maximize gains before their quarterly reports. Or even if they use MM they'll still time the news for quarterly report boosts

Actually now that I think about it, a lot of this applies to investors in Ripple the company as well.

Last year we had a barrage of announcements when the price was high although it may have been a little to early for meaningful results. Lately the silence has been deafening and a lot seems to be brewing the background with few major announcements to match the progress

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11 minutes ago, Atomic1221 said:

 And xRapid won’t work for illiquid corridor if price is low either 

Of course...so what's the logical consequence? Somebody has to improve the liquidity dramatically just few min before a certain corridor goes "life". Plan looks clear to me and in the grand scheme of things you don't need too much money to do that.

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