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As the 589 debate goes on, let's imagine it hits EOY, what would you do with your millions or thousands?

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Hookers and cocaine til heart attack

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Well first I know for certain is I will crap my pants. Probably quickly convert all to USD.  Then quit my job, Get a BG123 tatto. Tell my wife “I told u so”. And relex and watch the kiddos grow up.

20 minutes ago, nicktemple said:

This is not a debate whether or not it hits 589, but a dream of what you would do if it hits.

Me personally, I would be buying a bunch of investment property and living off the rental, and travelling my arse off.

Me, I would put half of it in dividend stocks. Pay off EVERYTHING and then start a beer garten that I could run seasonally. I would use the profit for mountain biking, traveling, and enjoying family and friends. The remainder would be a nest egg and I would look into a lake house or ski town home that I could rent out when I’m not there.  I would volunteer a lot and perhaps have free personal finance classes to help people be wise with their money in the hopes that it would also help me continue to be wise with my own money.

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On the way up, I will sell small amounts to;

1, pay off primary residence mortgage 

2, buy more rental property 

3, upgrade vehicles 

4, make some home additions (solarium with salt water pool, to name one)

5, build a camp on some vacant waterfront that I have

Then if it actually hit 589.. quit job, another multi unit rental building with management company to run it, then just nothing but family and travel (with some hunting and motocross in the mix) 

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Isn’t the whole point to be a part of a new world order?  I don’t think it really matters what USD figure it goes to...does it?

If somehow my stash of XRP got me 1000x (it won’t but let’s dream), I would play in every event at the WSOP every year....take two months vacation a year at some resort where they make healthy food and you exercise your ass off and meditate 24 hours a day....drink the best wines and beers in the world in the finest restaurants and give my two daughters every advantage possible. 

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