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Serious question about XRP and its competitors and US Dollar tokens.


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So I have been following Ripple for a long time, and have had times of doubt, but still believed in it because it was the best and fastest crypto.  Was never afraid of the competitors like Stellar, Waves, etc.  However, something that does now concern me is the newer US Dollar based Cryptos.  I never gave a damn about Tether because I think, like many others, that it is a scam and they do not actually have the amount of US Dollars to back up its supply of USDT.  However more legit sites are now creating their own Dollar based token.  Gemini has one, or is making on.  Circle/Poloniex has one I think, and had heard somewhere that JP Morgan was in the works.  Not positive about that last one.  Anyways, if any of them have the same speed capabilities as XRP, would not a financial institution prefer one of those tokes, to XRP.  Advantage is you cannot lose money, as it will not go down.  Disadvantage is you cannot make money on gained value of token as it will never go up.  But they will still make their money as they always have, by charging transfer fees.  It may be considered by some to be the safer bet, other than the fact that it does not work with RippleNet.

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