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eToro X Cryptocurrency Wallet


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I have had an invitation from etoro to test what seems to be their new crypto currency wallet via test flight on iOS. This appears to be legit, and many have been waiting for this so they can have more control over their cryptocurrency if they did choose to buy through eToro.

anyone else use eToro and had this invitation? Still feel reluctant to give any info away without confirmation this is legit!


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2 minutes ago, essexboyracer said:

No invite for me, I hope the wallet is retrospective (crypto I bought prior to wallet release can go into the wallet)

I think it will be, I know that on etoro I own the actual cryptocurrency but it is stored by eToro and its partners. 

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Yeah interested to see if this will be available to current positions. If it is expect a stampede to the exit, even for a 3% fee!

maybevthis is why eToro recently lowered the spread on crypto trades.

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What i understood is that it will be retroactive (eToro made a declaration  stating that they store actual crypto in wallet for ya on all x1 position (no CFD)) 
They will just moove it from their to your personnal wallet. Nevertheless i don't know the roadmap of the project, they talked about platinium member first and then all members. 

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