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Coinbase valued at 8 billion, binance??


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1 hour ago, FelixNYC said:

If Coinbase is currently valued at 8 billion? What is binance valued at? 100 billion?? How can I invest in binance?

That would mean Coinbase is roughly = BitcoinCash market cap... & Binance would be roughly = Bitcoin market cap.

These things are not roughly equal, so I think it's fair to say one of these market's may be over valued, or maybe both valuations are off the mark longterm?

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18 minutes ago, OzAlphaWolf said:

Yeh, but Ripple will have a trillion $ war chest long before Coinbase figure out their ETC bags are worthless.

5.89 trillion if I had to put a number on it. :D

Oh, I think Coinbase has already figured that out. That's why they're pawning it off on their accredited fund investors as part of a "diversified package."

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