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“Interledger: How to Interconnect All Blockchains and Value Networks” @_emschwartz

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"The Interledger Network Today

The early Interledger network is optimized for micropayment use cases and trustlessly trading cryptocurrencies natively across blockchains. Here are some of the infrastructure and application companies building with ILP (and yes, they’re hiring!):

Coil is a subscription service for supporting web content creators underpinned by Interledger micropayments and the proposed Web Monetization standard. Link to demo.

StrataLabs is the first commercial Interledger connector company, enabling micropayment services like Coil.

Kava runs an Interledger connector and is developing technology for the ILP ecosystem including new cross-currency integrations and a Cosmos-based blockchain optimized for ILP.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation developed Mojaloop, an open source payment system for emerging markets, using Interledger to increase financial inclusion through interoperability.

Ilp.ix, an mlab project, is an XRP peering exchange that helps connectors find and connect to one another.

XRP Tip Bot enables Twitter, Reddit, and Discord users to tip one another using XRP and ILP.

More are in stealth mode and coming soon!"

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