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TransferGo is supposed to announce something soon

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Think this is the announcement 

30 minutes ago, quetzalcoatl said:

I've been searching around for awhile now and even installed the app to check it out. Looks like your only able to purchase crypto if you live in the UK. I could be a ******* and missing something but it would be fantastic to implement USD for liquidity. Regulatory certainty can't come soon enough. 

I thought the same was thinking I was going to be able to buy. But realized I don't live in Europe

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Just now, quetzalcoatl said:

It was a bummer. Signing up was an ease, wonder how many new people this will make aware of what's happening. 

I'm going to assume they will eventually add USD eventually. I did rate their app 5 stars and mentioned that I gave it 5 stars because they listed xrp. Then I realized I can't buy ?. It's all good I can wait

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