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Call Your Shot: SWELL

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I predict no big announcements, just another industry schmooze fest.

They will announce a strategic alliance with FedEx to move money faster 

Max I'm hoping for / expecting is real world / commercialization xRapid use cases... Would be nice to hear some new client name dropping.

Since we know more than everyone except people working at Ripple, we're probably going to see things mentioned that we've heard about a million times over the last several years.  This will cause dumb people to sell for some reason and the price is going to go down.

Hopefully Ripple does something cool and proves that I'm an idiot though.

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I assume the brace position and expect XRP to fall to low 40s.  Why? Because as @Cryptsycrackers says, news causes dumb people to sell....because they're told that as soon as they hear news, they must hit the sell button.  Anything else is a bonus.  Call me cynical.  No, I'm not selling or putting my money where my mouth is....it's just me being a pessimist about these events.  Massive bonus if XRP maintains above 50c. 

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51 minutes ago, LordVetinari said:

Ripple and partners will discuss and display what they've been doing. Lots of networking. Send everyone home and wait/pursue for new partnerships. 


And I will add, we may get information or presentations/demonstrations of xRapid, partners' experiences and maybe some numbers through videos Ripple makes available. 

But I won't even venture to guess about announcements. 

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