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A Complex Adaptive Global Financial System... Topology, Fractal Scaling, and Time as leverage

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4 minutes ago, King34Maine said:

You finally got it done!!!!

No, I didnt really expand on the "time as leverage" bit, but I'm going to try and do another one focused on all the methods RippleNet, XRPLedger, and the IoV enable leverage, and increasing speed of transactions  enabling time as leverage, and shorter inventory turnover cycles aka "just in time Liquidity" is one of those major methods. 

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1 hour ago, KarmaCoverage said:

After having had two rather large glasses of wine with my dinner, I decided to read this and realised that I'm not sure about what I have just read.  It feels a privilege to have your input and it deserves a more sober approach from me in the morning to do it any kind of justice. 

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3 hours ago, zerpdigger said:

would also like to hear an exploration of "ripple the bank" or lender of last resort, network incentivizer etc

Ok, I can work that into the How xPool write up. I almost wrote in that one about Ripple acting in some capacity like a central bank as a systemic lender of last resort, which means providing liquidity in frozen/freezing market conditions.

XRP gives Ripple an incentive to deploy within RippleNet. How they are doing this I have not yet fully understood. The How xPool write up, provides my best guess for how they could deploy XRP to incentive. 

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