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Ripple, RippleWorks, Coil, PolySign, Cryptocurrency Coalition to Pay D.C Lobbyists

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Wow they're paying them 5,890,000 + 25,0000 = $5,915,000 a month?!

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56 minutes ago, pumpndump said:

Though small sell it, gift it, give it, Ripple sure likes to dispose of XRP.

They have 60% of the 100 billion supply. In this case, imagine what 10k XRP a month means in relationship to that. They've employed a high caliber tech lobbying firm for a fair amount of USD and XRP pocket change. Considering what's at stake, that seems like a bargain to me. 

Moving beyond that, aside from what's burned of it in every transaction, I haven't seen them "dispose" of any XRP. 

Ripple only puts it to work for them, and others- which is a cherry that looks good on top. 

But I digress.

Pump and dump. 

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