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Bittrex Order History Download (Formatting Troubles)


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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me with processing the data from my 12-18 month trade history on Bittrex. Obviously this is simply for calculating CGT for the old 'tax man'. Please don't hijack the thread with a discussion on whether or not CGT is applicable (cos it is). I just want usable data.

Has anyone else experienced the supreme frustration of trying to format the terrible data set that Bittrex produces and managed to successfully overcome it?? A simple example is that all dates aren't formatted as date values - some are, some aren't. They also don't seem to be in sync with the trades they're lined up with.

Another obvious issue is that I can't directly load this CSV - or any of it's slightly altered data - into something like cointracking.info. There are a few more basic/obvious errors that I'm struggling with that someone else must have encountered (and hopefully overcome)! 

For specificity, the data comes from this evil "Download Complete History" button:


Any and all help is appreciated. I'll be going to Bittrex help if no one here has a solution or advice. I trust you lot way more than I do the support team of any exchange!

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