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Simple poll will XRapid push XRP to $589+ by EOY.

Who feels $589 is possible by EOY.  

296 members have voted

  1. 1. Simple yes or no.

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10 minutes ago, Panopticon said:

Sooner or later always one of those "Market Cap guys" appears to tell us about it. These people should really start understanding basics terms.

Marketcap is a misleading idea , total circulating coin value is not a marketcap in its original term. But is used everywhere on cryptocompare websites also

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Real utility has never been done before in crypto. When XRapid goes live, and let's say they push $10million just through bittrex, that will eat up a lot of sell orders pushing the price higher,

I keep saying it : the delta in price / marketcap DOESN’T equal the amount of ( cash/new/substitute) money that have to flow in.  It can take a couple of million $ to raise MC with more than

Look how Rachel Lee, probably some 16 year old boy pretending to be a girl has got these desperate people by the ballz... So desperate they can't think straight lol. When you tell them, they say well

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3 hours ago, AlibabaGrp said:

Xrp needs 100s of billions of dollars being injected to go from 50 cents to 600 bucks. 

One perfect example why market is bullcrap:


I create the Chapo Network with the native token being ChapoCoin.  I (as the developer of the network) decide to limit the supply to 10 ChapoCoins, all of which I will sell in an ICO at the price of $1 per token.  After the ICO is completed, 10 people bought 1 token each at the price of $1/token.

Token Circulating Supply = 10

Price Per Token = $1 / ChapoCoin

Chapo Network Mcap = $10

Total NET Investor Capital = $10

A week after the ICO above, a savvy investor sees great potential in the Chapo Network and wants to buy 1 ChapoCoin.  He offers $2 to anyone who is willing to sell him one.  Since this is double what an ICO investor paid, one of the ICO investors agrees to sell his token for $2.  The new price/token (going rate) has now become $2 per ChapoCoin.

Token Circulating Supply = 10

Price Per Token = $2 / ChapoCoin

Chapo Network Mcap = $20

Total NET Investor Capital = $11 ($10 from the ICO + $2 paid by new investor – $1 originally paid for the token that was sold)

In looking at the example above, only $1 worth of new capital entered the market.  However, the price per token, network value & thus the coin market cap increased by $10 (DOUBLED)!



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Who know's what immediate impact xRapid going live will have on order books, but doesn't hurt to put a small portion of your stack on Bittrex with a sell order of, I don't know, say $589.  Just in case of a quick price spike before everyone piles on sell orders!

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It seems very unlikely that it will reach that any time soon.


If you are hoping for it to do so because you are over invested into it you need to reassess your assest class diversification.


I see far too many people on the various forms and message boards that I suspect are kid in, or not too far out of highschool. When you are young and inexperienced with Investments and proper diversification it can be very tempting to go all in behind a fad.


This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. It is just gambling at this point, and emotional trading is the fastest way to lose your money trading.


When you enter into a trade with no plan, in a situation where you are not making sound financial decisions, you are stacking the deck against you, and the market will be only too happy to cut you down at the knees.

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