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Do NOT diversify


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10 hours ago, icebreath said:

Diversification in crypto is bulls h i t. Most of the cryptos that are on the top 100 will be dead in a few years. Below top 100 are already dead.

There are good projects outside of the top 100. All top 100 means is they are in the 100 most popular with speculators (or manipulators). I agree most of them will be dead in a few years - replaced by promising projects from outside the top 100 and the next wave of startups.


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4 hours ago, bluedalmatian said:

Would be interesting to know what other coins people hold, myself Im about 2 thirds in XRP, one third in TRX with a tiny amount of VET which I might sell.

Besides XRP being the primary hold, I do hold some ADA and NULS.  I stake NULS.

i do like TRX for some swing trades as it moves quickly when the volume is ramped

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