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How to transfer XRP from paper wallet to Binance


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@Frix I was confused for a moment then. You was Donald yesterday :)

It’s quite handy to have multiple wallets. You can spread your holdings 50/50 or use one of them for interacting with the online world while the other is kept offline and it’s secret never sees the internet until cash out time.

I recommend Bithomp’s offline tools. It has a great GUI and is feature rich with more on the way.

Also, it is recommended that a cold wallet never sees an internet connected computer if you want to be uber safe.

Any questions regarding paper wallets or setting up an offline pc or Raspberry Pi etc, feel free to PM or tag me. I’ll be happy to help out.

All the best.

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Toast Wallet is very handy and nice to have. I can even set  trustlines / trade through trustlines right off the app. makes sending zerps from point a to b very simple.

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