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Biggest newspaper of the Netherlands and their guest spreads misinformation

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This video is from the biggest newspaper (De Telegraaf) in the Netherlands.

A few annoying statements:


1. XRP is the parent company

2. Ripple is centralized 

3. XRP has a lot of coins, therefor not an interesting investment 


The misinformation is so bad, stopped watching this video halfway..

If the biggest newspaper of The Netherlands doesn’t do their research well and don’t know what they are talking about...I don’t think the herd either came to their senses yet. Shows how early we are in the game ...

unbelievable people can’t see the inevitable.....

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Context: Telegraaf is a gossip newspaper nobody is taking serious in the Netherlands. These little movies are only made for clickbait, to deliver the advertisement. I does not matter the 'expert' does not have a clue about the topic he's talking about.

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