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Bitcoin [BTC] is a dead-end; Ripple has a great future


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Finally an article that eludes on the failing economics behind Bitcoin we all know about the technology pitfalls but It's good to see here they don't speak about the technology but the economics.  Not in depth but still it seems a lot of folk have been avoiding the economic pitfalls of Bitcoin.

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I agree with the article. Bitcoin is anti KYC and AML. With no real use application it will be shut down. Too bad the person in the article didn't properly distinguish between Ripple and XRP. However I knew how to fill in the blanks. 

Ripple has done a lot right from the start working with government bodies and regulators. With the utility and regulation it brings it will stabilize the value of the asset and become the defacto digital asset dethroning BTC and its variants.

I feel bad for those who don't short Bitcoin.

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