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There Is Chance For Ripple (XRP) On Coinbase


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I personally would love XRP to moon without Coinbase. 

That being said, pride should be taken out of business decisions as much as possible; so I second any new initiative that helps liquidity.

I believe that rallies like this weeks surely raised some eyebrows at CB, and if they don’t change their attitude and mid-term strategy they’re likely to shrink pretty quickly. They still have a relevant position, so Ripple would be foolish not to evaluate a potential deal with them, to either sell XRP on the exchange or potentially have XRP as base pair (why not!)

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Just now, lawalkhalid said:

I think your are right. it will give ripple more exposure in the market

It would be great, but it's not the game-changer it would've been even six months ago IMO. There are so many other options now, and with XRP pairings yet to come, the days of having to buy XBT or ETH in order to acquire XRP will long be a thing of the past.

But @PickleRick is correct to say that more liquidity is better - so I'm all for any means of getting all possible money into crypto, before seeing it find it's rightful home in XRP :P

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