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Signing is not supported by this server


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Hi everybody! 
I can't find answer solution of my problem :-(

I use service https://s1.ripple.com:51234 for sign my transactios.
several days ago service response me as 

{"result":{"error":"notSupported","error_code":73,"error_message":"Signing is not supported by this server.","request":{"command":"sign","secret":"<masked>","tx_json":{"Account":"rDKJrN7QbfjgNo43kcJTqUhVGgJbRMMj4e","Amount":133350000,"Destination":"rpfihGcP8RDrTB*******","TransactionType":"Payment"}},"status":"error"}}


example request 


perhaps someone could help me. 

How can I solve this problem?

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You can prepare simple XRP transactions via my SimpleXRPTools, no Node.js required: https://github.com/SimpleXRPTools/SimpleXRPTools

Download the whole project and open the html files with an up-to-date Google or Firefox browser. There's some guidance included about what steps should be online or offline.

2 hours ago, Ctrl-Z said:

Can you explain to the least technical among us how I can submit the code offline

You can't submit code/transactions offline, you prepare them online first then move them to an offline device, sign them with your XRP Secret/Seed, then submit the signed transaction online.

If you're into Node.js, Wietse Wind has a beginners tutorial you can follow to get started: https://coil.com/p/wietse/Coding-the-XRP-ledger-A-beginners-course-/kKu7G0Hhq

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