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Rum Cake


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To celebrate XRP reclaiming the 2nd place spot I am posting this recipe @Rey @Loki @Hellen @CountZerpula @dragonbait

Please be advised that even though there are only 5 ingredients to this thing this is a HARD recipe.  You need this thing whipped up as much as possible and are CAREFULLY folding in the flour and butter.  At that point it's about your skill in having a light touch - because if you are not gentle with the cake batter the whole thing will collapse and you will end up getting a baked piece of rubber - my first two attempts.  

It's an AMAZING recipe though that my mom somehow managed to get when she was friends with one of the bakers of Sardi's in New York.  

Mom shared the care recipe but never the recipe for the frosting / icing, so I can't help you TOO much there since I've just done generic frosting recipes and haven't liked the combo.

My last bit of advice - when you are greasing the pan instead of using crisco use butter flavored crisco - not just for this recipe but for every recipe.... works great for pie crusts. too!

Sardi's Rum Cake

1 and 3/4 cups softassilk cake flour
10 eggs at room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup cooled melted butter

Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
Grease and flour 2 nine inch pans
SIFT and measure flour and set aside.

You need a LARGE mixing bowl - 6 quarts ideally...

Using your whisk attachment at high speed mix the eggs and sugar until it completely fills the bowl.
Add in vanilla

BE CAREFUL AND USE  A LIGHT HAND for the next two steps... You just whipped it up and if you collapse this thing you will end up with a flat rubber like cake.

Using a wire whisk over the egg mixture CAREFULLY fold in flour one third at a time

Once done QUICKLY fold in the butter and turn into the two prepared pans

Bake for 20 minutes or until when LIGHTLY touched in the center no imprint of your finger remains.

Turn out at once onto cooling racks.  COOL

When cool sprinkle 1/2 cup white rum onto each cake, and ice the cake.

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21 hours ago, Snoopy said:

instead of using crisco use butter flavored crisco - not just for this recipe but for every recipe

Ah, @Snoopy ... as if I needed another reason to love you :acute: ..... this does look awesome, and I’ll report back with my findings.

Apologies on the delay with the baklava recipe - this one is a tough get ... there is no recipe, per se - I know the main components, but not the fine details and alchemist’s secret (which I think is rose water) ... so, I’m waiting on the next chance that I can get together with this individual where he can share it from memory - we just didn’t have time on the last go ... soon

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