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Tweet from SBIVC fuels speculation?!

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9 minutes ago, zerpdigger said:

too late there re now 500 youtube videos explaining how bearable guy is an insider to SBI and knew about the xrp moon and also schwartz is satoshi and there are aliens on mars who are buying up the xrp

I had a guy a few weeks back explain to me that there is a secret US goverment moon colony. He was serious.

We arnt supposed to know about it, yet he learned all these secrets from YouTube. 

I asked him about my not being able to see the moon colony with my telescope? He explained, that it was on the dark side of the moon.

I just sort of walked away, like I just saw a friend. Its stunning what some folks spend time thinking about.

Speculation can lead speculators to equally odd ideas sometimes.

Just enjoy the rollercoaster ride, we have fair weather, clear skys, and the gravity of the situation is propelling us forward. 

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 natural translation is:

"Thank you everyone for supporting SBIVC. Hope you've had a good week! The final day of the [upcoming] three-day weekend is a harvest moon. It looks like we can enjoy moon viewing if the weather is good. Have a wonderful three-day weekend while enjoying the height of autumn. [smiley emoji] #SBIVC #VirtualCurrency #HarvestMoon"


The Japanese place a lot of importance on nature and the seasons, and mention it a lot in greetings.

Moon viewing is an annual thing here, and this year it happens to fall on a national holiday (Monday), hence the three-day weekend mention.



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