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Bitcoin Ben (XRP related)

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Anyone familiar with Bitcoin Ben? I’m not, but he apparently has a pretty good following on Youtube. Bitcoin Ben is (as you might have guessed), pro Bitcoin. A lot of crypto people have been referencing a 30min video he just posted less than a day ago, where he’s visually distraught about XRP. I haven’t watched the entire video, but he apparently has an “in” with an insider, where he was told and convinced that  either ETH or XRP will be #1 shortly. 

Again, I haven’t watched the entire thing, so if it comes off tinfoil/BG123, apologies for not posting it elsewhere. 

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I watched it.  It appeared to me he was genuinely shocked and dismayed to be told (by someone whom he believes absolutely knows the facts) that the hated XRP will be the standard for cross border.  He appeared to be a man whose worldview had just shattered and his dreams died.

People might assume he is drunk but actually I think he was just upset and has a speech impediment so the combination appears like being drunk.  

Dunno how much an anonymous callers information is worth, but he at least,  seems to have bought in whole. 

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