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Anything Under a Dollar


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"Anything under a dollar."  
Not only is this good advice for when to buy XRP,
it also describes some of XRP's best use cases.

Any machine that requires you to put coins into it would benefit from accepting XRP as payment.
Things like:
"Coins into cash" like Coinstar, arcades, pay phones, parking meters,
laundromat, vending machines, slot machines, bus rides,
kiddie rides (the coin operated children's ride in front of the supermarket or at the mall)

If all of these accepted XRP instead of coins it would mean:
1.  less maintenance
2.  more accurate micro-payment options (down to the second or fractions of a penny)
3.  less security risk (no actual money inside)
4.  more convenient (no need to have exact change)

Having a coin machine at the airport or international border
so I can exchange all unused currency for XRP would be awesome!

Homeless people and street performers could have cardboard signs with QR Codes.
The advantage is transparency.
You could check their account transactions to see if they're "earning" more than you before donating to them.

Have you ever been to San Francisco and had the pleasure of visiting the 
Musée Mécanique? http://museemecaniquesf.com/ 
They have a collection of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines that are pretty amazing.

My prediction, is that we will see something very similar becoming very popular in the near future,
with the use of electronics instead of mechanics, XRP instead of coin-operated, and the integration of AI
much like we're seeing now with all the robot toys and robot use cases in the domestic and industrial service industries.

And the micro-payment capabilities of XRP could open up a whole new world of
conveniences such as bypassing lines, queues, or traffic.  (and many others I've posted already)

The list goes on and on.... I mean, let's keep it going.
These are just a few ideas.  What other silly or amazing ideas am I missing?
Please post below


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