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The Allvor's journey: developing Allvorpay


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The Allvor's journey: developing Allvorpay

Many things have happened in just over 150 days since the creation of Allvor.

Allvor is an innovative project in many ways. We did not use a leverage program like the many ICOs in Ethereum we see these days. Instead, we opted for a free Initial Distribution Program in favor of the XRP community.
Our greatest efforts and willpower are directed toward developing a healthy ecosystem in which anyone can trade with ALV by making use of the advanced technology provided by the XRP Ledger.
Despite the initial skepticism, uncertainties, and troubles found on this journey, we are proud to announce that our efforts are taking shape.


About Allvorpay

Allvorpay is the e-commerce payment platform developed by Allvor. It will enable payments with the ALV token on several e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce, Magento and others).

For the first time, e-commerce payments can be made directly in the blockchain, with a real-time settlement, peer-to-peer and no fees.

Allvorpay will be released by the end of 2018 (Q4), initially with the plugin for the WooCommerce platform. Then, Magento and other platforms will follow.

Allvorpay is coming and with it a lot of news. Stay tuned!


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