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Ripple Interledger powered Coil could benefit as EU parliament passes the content creators-friendly bill

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The EU parliament today (Sept. 12) voted to approve controversial copyright reforms that have been in the works since 2016 and could transform the internet for users in Europe and beyond.

The Copyright Directive is meant to protect content creators and has received strong support from some in the artistic and media communities. But its critics—including internet pioneers as well as tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple—argue that the reforms would hamper the free flow of information, turn tech companies into content police, and lead to the web’s ossification.




Subsequently, in an interactive workshop, Coil took out time to explain how Web Monetization can be used by websites to get paid automatically when their sites are visited, instead of using ads and click baits or paywalls.

Mr. H (an administrator of XRP the Real Zerpbox) also made this known on his Twitter page,

“Coil can reward the number of seconds, the content is actually watched. Read an interesting story you like-actively tip or ‘reward’ the content creator, now 10,000 actual views can be more rewarding than 1,000,000 ‘clicksbait.’ Clicks – business models will adapt to this and the quality of the internet can be restored. Less fake news & clickbait… The European Parliament wants by article 13&11 is actually similar to the solution that Coil provides. Enable another business revenue model to reward the content creators, reduce the amount of fake news and clickbait”



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