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SWIFT and XRapid

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On 9/13/2018 at 3:46 PM, BostonXRP said:

What is the likely hood that SWIFT would want to buy the XRapid technology from Ripple?


Irrelevant.  That ship has sailed.  They may want to buy it, but at this point Ripple is doing too well to bother entertaining offers.

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If you have ever talked to someone who uses SWIFT on a daily basis within the banking sector, you will simply be amazed at how hopeles it is.

I cannot speak on everything Suzy from Esoteric Trading Solution says, the price evaluation seems like to much of a hype to me,  but the detailed way she describes the SWIFT system in this video is spot on.  Her experience correlates with a description from a family member of mine.



There are banks who make alot of money on this system and the delays, mainly the really big names that have talked down the crypto space. A bit of fresh air will be really welcome for the smaller banks who pay enormeous amounts of money to these big names, and have to face the customers if SWIFT looses the money they sent.

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