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Coinmama to Toast Questions


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Greetings all XRP forum members,

First of all, If I have added this topic in the improper section, please excuse me!

Second, my concern and intention of posting this:

I intend to buy XRP and deliver it to a toast wallet but I have no solution at the moment to activate the toast wallet by sending just 20 XRP as I have none at the moment and, after the purchase, the service will deliver the full amount when requiring the destination wallet.

In this sense, I am very concerned that if I make my purchase, and go along with the process and end up at the wallet transfer step, if I send it to my non-active fresh (empty) toast wallet it will actually go nowhere and the investment will be lost.

If the community has had experience with this issue or have actually went through this process (from coinmama to xrp toast wallet), please share and if possible please provide a course of action that I can take regarding my predicament....


Thank you all!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm not fully sure I understand the problem completely - as I see it, you're trying to set up a private wallet, but not sure if the full amount will be deposited given that the wallet is inactive? I'm not familiar with coinmama specifically.

If this is the case, it really shouldn't be an issue, but you should start by funding the initial 20 XRP + transaction fee to ensure the wallet is fully enabled, then send the rest in one payment or maybe even batches of payments to get a feel for the awesomeness that is the ripple network.

You would have to exchange whatever funds you use into XRP before the activation, you can't just send a currency or crypto amount into a wallet.

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