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XRP - The Standard (Big read)

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Here's my new 4500-word article on everything from the USD, SDR, sovereign debt restructuring, economic collapses, China, Russia, SWIFT, SAP, and XRP.  Attempting to bring some clarity and a deeper un

I mean this with no disrespect; but you are incredibly naive if you think any regulatory future of the crypto space (and let's be blunt, that is the only way this will be mass adopted and fed from a f

Thanks for the feedback.  Way back around 2009, I started reading the white papers of global institutions like the IMF and Bank for International Settlements, instead of listening to others interpreta

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6 hours ago, Testudo said:


Try this:

I really hope this is sufficient even though the automatic translator is no candidate for the Turing Award. Dirk Müller mentions some really interesting points, esp. from 24:30 minute onwards :bye:

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