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XRP - The Standard (Big read)

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Here's my new 4500-word article on everything from the USD, SDR, sovereign debt restructuring, economic collapses, China, Russia, SWIFT, SAP, and XRP.  Attempting to bring some clarity and a deeper un

I mean this with no disrespect; but you are incredibly naive if you think any regulatory future of the crypto space (and let's be blunt, that is the only way this will be mass adopted and fed from a f

Thanks for the feedback.  Way back around 2009, I started reading the white papers of global institutions like the IMF and Bank for International Settlements, instead of listening to others interpreta

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Well, interesting, however, the repeated connection to a "Trump doctrine" distracts as propaganda (especially given his reported ignorance about international finance.  Where does this doctrine exist?).   What effect would SDR have in consolidating US debt within the IMF as the US is the largest contributor, by far, holds veto rights, and a controlling vote?   As always,  provocative.

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Amazing read by a brilliant author. Jibes a lot with Rachel Lee’s (love her or hate her) tweets on Twitter regarding the IMF, SDR and XRP. There is plenty going on in the background. WE are in for good times. Cobalt, Coil, Codius, Xrapid, IMF, Institutional investors, the list is dizzying. 

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I finally sat down and read it, excellently explained and I come away with a fuzzy understanding of tectonic plates shifting under the foundations of World finance.  (it is very confusing that SDR and SDRM are completely different things).  By tomorrow my understanding will be even more fuzzy.

I have been following Brexit closely.  It is being very badly managed and I believe poses a serious threat to financial stability.  In many ways my investment in XRP is a hedge against what might happen if Britain crashes out of the EU in an accidental No Deal Brexit, I can imagine it would cause cause financial shock waves and civil instability, turbulance and bankruptcy in its wake. I hope that XRP will have begun its rise before my business has to meet that challenge.  I am also fearful of the knock on effect for stability of Italy and the Euro. From an entirely selfish point of view I have noted that money flew into crypto when Turkey's domestic currency was collapsing.

One question: Do you think currencies like Bitcoin will have a roll in the new world financial order?  To me they look as if they have no function, what is your view?


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