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Mastercard Executive VP reveals they mentored Ripple back in 2011


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31 minutes ago, Liagala said:

Isn't this one of the signs you've finally made it?  All of a sudden everybody starts wanting to claim that they have been your best friend for years, they taught you everything you know, all of that?

I think that's how it works :)

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11 minutes ago, panmores said:

So... do they work together?!?

I don't want to speculate because there is enough of that going around to last a lifetime.  I would say there is some type of relationship behind the scenes hopefully more detail will come.  Obviously for MC to go on the books with this information they saw a use case early on..

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This was before the time when they had the strategy of pushing a token on the banks instead of creating xCurrent and doing the Trojan horse apprach. Jed was also involved. Kind of strange to hear that Mastercard were involved that early.

Also a long time before the supposed "Yoko Ono" incident.

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