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The Thing


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This is just a version of "The Thing" that I encountered.  It's a food truck type place that would follow around festivals and feed the hungry revelers.  It's pretty quick and simple.

I tend to make it with eggs "The Breakfast Thing"

Butter your pan and cook two or three eggs in a 12" non stick skillet. I pop them and cook them hard due to the mess the runny yolk can make .

Once cooked remove them from the pan and pop in a large tortilla and cover with grated cheese.  I tend to ring the outside of the tortilla with a half inch or so to let the cheese brown there and make a crusty edge. Use med to med-high heat so it has time to melt and brown the cheese before burning the tortilla.  The excess butter still in the pan helps.

Add your eggs to half the tortilla and add some salt and pepper to taste(I use Cajun seasoning. If you like try taco seasoning as well!).  You will be folding it in half like a soft taco.

Once the cheese is melted and browned slide it onto your plate. 

Put sour cream on the half without the eggs(some green onions can be good as well).

Add a handful or two of spinach or mixed greens on the eggs and pour on a salsa of your liking.

Fold in half and chow down :)

So, the regular thing is similar but instead of eggs you would put grated carrots and chopped raw broccoli. Good veggie option. You could always put those on with the eggs as well if you like.

The pic was taken before I started doing the crusty cheese edge so you only see a little there. I imagine you could do a smaller version as well with a little tortilla and one egg.

Hope you like it if you try it!


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