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IMF on cryptocurrencies for cross-border Payments

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This is why XRP is a long long hold.  It'll pay off if you just keep holding.  It'll take a good few years for the infrastructure to be put in place, and I'm hoping we'll get rewarded along the way.  When we look back from 2025 to 2018, we will see that it was still risky to hold XRP in 2018, but those who did hold then got handsomely rewarded.  Be that holder.  People will envy you that you got in early and still hold XRP.  I'll sell along the way, but only small portions at a time.  The masses always react to things - they look retrospecitvely at markets and say "I shoulda would coulda" - well, we are holding right now, today.  See 2018 as "a long time ago" (from the future) - we took that time machine, and we are holding XRP.  Does it feel good? It feels good to me, but I bet for many it doesn't feel so good - it feels like you're losing money.  No, there's a ton of future money on the way (IMHO).  Is there a risk? Of course.  Having said that, we will cross a rubicon in the future where the risk of holding XRP is a lot lower....but by that time, we're massively in profit. 

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