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RBC: cross-border transfer through Ripple using the XRP Ledger - awesome find by bankXRP


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4 hours ago, lll_lll said:

I thought after the TC interview, BG was proven to be the devil. Why would we invest in a company run by the devil?

Because the devil is the one who will give us the world's riches! Take my soul, Brad!!!

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8 hours ago, AlexCobb said:

This thread is one of 2 things.


1. sarcasm


2.XRP chat community has lost hope

Those will both be very hard to kill , especially among all of us who are still here!

I'd say it's prove that our community hasn't lost its sense of humour and that we're happy to support each other.

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This is indeed a great report, so many insights. I imagined the world in 7 years where AIs analyze financial flows and re-distribute liquidity instantly via different channels (xRapid / XRP Ledger included).  

Offtopic: never realized that Splunk had such a great strategy. 

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