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Wipple Update - 09/07/18


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Happy Friday everyone!!! We made it through the week!

I wanted to send everyone into the weekend with a few quick Wipple usability improvements we've just pushed. Just as a reminder, Wipple is a XRP intelligence framework with many features including regular network reporting, live ledger/account tracking, data visualizations and much more.

This latest round of updates have been focused on usability and improving the UI. For instance, it is now possibly to pause the live transaction stream via a easy-to-use button (see screenshot #1) so as to dive into transactions in more detail. To resume the stream, simply click the button again!

As far as transaction details, they can now easily be accessed by clicking on the TX in the stream. A section containing the formatted transaction will appear, complete with links to relevant accounts and ledger objects (see screenshot 2). Additionally hovering over any account now results in a popup tooltip containing the account's XRP balance, providing an extremely rapid way to lookup this information (we will be adding more summary info to this popup in the near future). (see screenshot 3)

TX settings have received as usability bump. These can now be set via a popup that appears / disappears when you press the 'gear' icon in the upper right. Use this to filter tx types, set the account to use to issue new transactions, and much more (see screenshots 4 and 5).


Thanks it for now! As always feedback and follows are more than appreciated! We've got a laundry list of more improvements on the roadmap, so stay tuned for updates! Until next time...






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18 hours ago, essexboyracer said:

I always thought it could do with a bit of polish on the visual side - lots of inexpensive pre-made 'admin' style templates over at Themeforest

No arguments here, we're following the release early, release often model for software development. It allows us to develop and deploy concepts very rapidly at the cost of lacking some upfront asthetics and polish. That being said, we aim to keep the iteration cycle tight and expect things to shore up quickly in the next few months.


We appreciate all the community support and feedback! Please continue letting us know if there are specific things that don't work and/or can be improved! We'll let you know as soon as they are!

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