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XRP being moved

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1 hour ago, ExArePee said:

Anyone know what this movement is? 

bowel movements -- at least for whoever has to press the SEND button for that much money!

EDIT: ah ok it's escrow... still

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30 minutes ago, Zedy44 said:

The 200 million XRP not going back into escrow doesn't necessarily mean they were sold.  Remember Ripple stated they are beginning to hold back XRP from the escrow to put towards non-sales initiatives like funding startup investors looking to work with XRP.

Correct, and during a few other months (see spreadsheet on escrow topic), they re-escrowed funds of 800m or so, but then added another 100m a few days later - so it could be that another 100m will be added later in the week or next. Clearly the decision making process can be a bit flexible. This month, my suspicion is that the reduced re-escrow is a genuine case of selling a bit more, since BG mentioned in an interview that it was going to be a bumper quarter. Fingers crossed that this means xrp-usage is going to be ramping up from trials/tests and exchanges are being prepared to provide liquidity for real-world production use.

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bumper quarter - not month
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