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What's your XRP sale price?

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14 hours ago, bluedalmatian said:

Do you really think it could reach $10, $20, $50, $100+ with such a high supply, esp as 60% of that supply isnt yet in circulation?

I'd rather have a digital currency that has potential to increase in value over time vs an overregulated corrupt manipulated Fiat in which more gets printed whenever the FED feels like it and constantly depreciates in value over time...

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15 hours ago, Flintstone said:

My current stack would pay off my mortgage at £10. I'm still accumulating under £1 so maybe I'll have 2 stacks, one for the mortgage and one for the long hold!

Going to sort out a couple of 10 year escrows for the kids too!

Same here 2 stacks one will be sold bij € 10,- for mortgage and one big stack for beyond

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20 hours ago, Worldcryptoboss said:

At what price will you begin selling your XRP? And what price will you be willing to sell it all (if at any price?) 


For me I'm personally HODL'ing until it hits about $30 per XRP (I expect sometime around 2020) at which time I might sell 20-25% of my stack. Next price would be $100, then probaly $250. I'll keep a little just in case for the next decade to see how high the price can go too

Yes, but when a bull run occur exchanges close the doors and is difficult to withdraw. I withdraw small amounts  when waters are calm down and xrp value is stable. I do not want to get mad to withdrawn  ?

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@Suwon yes.

If BTC can hit $20k, xrp can hit $100. 

I know they're two very different things and there is much smaller supply of BTC BUT

BTC is becoming less relevant (slower transaction times, mining  issues, etc.) and institutional investors will take this into account when really buying in.

It's gonna take time, but xrp seems to be one of ( if not the) safest and fastest of the cones out there, and when real money rolls back into this market it's gonna fly.

I have way more faith in xrp than the US dollar long term. I can't wait til a few yrs from now I'll have a debit card I can spend my cones with.

This was all told to me by a magical and lucky ?

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Maybe start averaging out around $30 to $35. That is unless during October / November it's rocketing up due to xRapid being live, banks and FI's using it at massive volume and Ripple progressing to ******* world domination.

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In two years time XRP is likely to be $250-$500 given even the partnerships/banks usage we know about and the real possibility of SWIFT partnering with Ripple. If you are seriously waiting for $3, $7, $25 to sell the majority of your holdings, you may well be throwing away a fortune.

I'm not saying hold till $500 but hold till $50 at least!

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